Modern Phone system for Business

Get Virtual Numbers from India, and 40 countries. Route incoming calls to team members.

Virtual Numbers in India and 40 countries
Multilevel IVR, Ring groups, call queues
Click-to-call URL for website
Audio and Video conference
Live chat between agents

Calling plans for local and international calls from Rs 850/month

Greet your callers with a professional IVR system and set routing to team members based on predefined rules.

Track Employee productivity

Modern phone systems are quicker and easy to Setup. The entire process can be completed in as little as a day.

Listen to recorded calls for quality

Phone system makes managing your remote employees easier by connecting them all to the same adaptable network.

Chat internally with team members

With high-definition Audio calls, you have more productive conversations due to the improved audio quality.

Display number in website or google

Your business can benefit from consistent, manageable, and scalable connections with all team members.

Route calls to multiple employees simultaneously

Integrations helps you to empower your work. So you can move forward and create automated workflows.

Receive calls on android, web or mobile

All user to user the communications, using the mobile apps or the portal, are fully encrypted.

Get a Free Trial account for 7 days

Simple interface, easy call management

Turn conversations
into conversions
• Virtual Business Numbers with Multilevel IVR and greetings.
• Route calls with Ring groups, call queues, auto attendants.
• Live chat, Instant messaging, team/group chat, conferences.
• Use unlimited Local and international plans.
• Track, record and monitor your teams calls.
• Get Click-to (call+chat+video) URLs and add them to website, emails, messages.

Platform features

The power to do more.

System features
  • Mobility
  • Collaboration – Group chat, file sharing and conferences ( works with external invitees )
  • Security – Encryption
  • Flexible billing for offnet calling
  • Video and Audio calling directly from browser – no need for a desktop client no need to install any plugin
  • DIDs Virtual number
  • Auto attendants
  • Enterprise telephony PBX
Messaging features
  • Instant messaging between agents
  • File sharing — images, videos, Docs, PDFs
  • Video and HD audio
  • Presence
  • Custom notifications and ringtone
  • Wallpaper per contact
  • Secure calling among apps and to portal
Essential Telephony/PBX features
  • Scheduled routing with time spans Ring Groups
  • Find me, follow me
  • Conditional Call Forwarding per Caller lD with personalized greetings per forwarding rule Call
  • Transfer — blind and attended
  • Music on hold Call parking
  • Do Not Disturb, also per Caller ID
  • CallerlD — can be set to show user’s mobile number or DID or one of the company’s DIDs
Self care Portal
  • Company account management for admin user
  • Team messaging features — Instant messaging, file sharing, top-up etc.
  • HD audio and video calling directly from browser
  • WebRTC support — no need to download any plugin
  • Individual voicemail boxes
  • Group voicemail boxes
  • Voicemail to e-mail (MP3 file)
  • Voicemail notification through IM or Message Waiting Indicator
  • Personalized greetings per Caller ID
Click to call
  • Click to call URLs managed from the Dialing plan with support for time spans
  • An URL can point to a user or to a hunt group
  • Unlimited number of click to call URLs per company
Auto Attendants
  • Multilevel Interactive-Voice-Response scenarios, one scenario can lead to another Scenarios can be assigned to DID numbers or extensions.
  • Menu numbers can be mapped to different PBX objects such as users, extensions, hunt groups, scenarios, group voicemail etc. Record greetings directly from your web browser
Presence and Instant Messaging
  • Availability — online, last seen, busy
  • Presence status text
  • Instant messaging with delivery and display confirmation
  • Typing notification
  • Multimedia file sharing
  • Geo location sharing
  • Documents sharing — pdf, docs etc.
Calls monitoring and calls recording
  • Listen to calls from or to your company.
  • Admin user can monitor all ongoing offnet calls.
  • Admin can enable call recording per user; only offnet calls will be recorded, internal communication is encrypted.
  • Admin can listen to previously recorded calls as well as ongoing calls via the portal.

Local and Toll-Free numbers from 40 Countries.

A Feature-Rich Phone System 

  • India Virtual Numbers
  • USA Virtual Numbers
  • UK Virtual Numbers
  • Brazil Virtual Numbers
  • Spain Virtual Numbers
  • Canada Virtual Numbers
  • France Virtual Numbers
  • Germany Virtual Numbers
  • Australia Virtual Numbers
  • Singapore Virtual Numbers
  • Mexico Virtual Numbers
  • New Zealand Virtual Numbers
  • Netherlands Virtual Numbers
  • South Africa Virtual Numbers
  • Italy Virtual Numbers
  • Japan Virtual Numbers
  • Poland Virtual Numbers
  •  Argentina Virtual Numbers
  • Greece Virtual Numbers
  • Sweden Virtual Numbers
  • Denmark Virtual Numbers
  • Chile Virtual Numbers
  • Belgium Virtual Numbers
  • Portugal Virtual Numbers
  • Finland Virtual Numbers
  • Latvia Virtual Numbers
  • Turkey Virtual Numbers
  • Peru Virtual Numbers